Spike r1 1.0

Un programa de prueba para Mac‚ por Porchdogsoft

Spike es una aplicación sencilla y de prueba solo disponible para Mac desarrollada por Porchdogsoft. Ver descripción completa

Spike es una aplicación sencilla y de prueba solo disponible para Mac desarrollada por Porchdogsoft.

Más información sobre Spike

Spike está disponible para dispositivos móviles con sistema operativo Mac OS X y versiones posteriores, y solo está disponible en Inglés. La última versión de la aplicación es 1.0 y se actualizó en 19/06/2012.Desde que añadimos el programa a nuestra colección en 2012, ya tiene 2,924 descargas, durante la última semana se descargó 0 veces.Respecto a Spike, es una aplicación ligera que requiere mucho menos espacio que la media de las aplicaciones de su categoría.

No matter what business you’re in, sharing text, images, and files over a network is part of your workflow. Spike, the network clipboard, makes sharing not only secure, but as simple as cutting and pasting. In the highly collaborative world of business, we constantly share images, copy and a wide variety of other data. Spike eliminates all of the steps involved in transferring this data across a network.

When you share a Spike clipboard, you see a clipping as soon as it is copied on the source machine. You can immediately drag that clipping into your own document on your own machine, and save valuable time.

Spike is easy to use. Spike uses native copy and paste features to create visual clipboards containing thumbnail images of each clipping. The images are scalable, so you can identify the text or image you’re looking for without opening a file. And you can create multiple clipboards to organize the clippings so that they are easy to find. Spike is secure. All data is encrypted automatically, and you can password-protect access to your clipboard.

Spike requires no configuration. Just start Spike up and it finds all of the other shared Spike clipboards on your network. Simply click on a remote clipboard and visually inspect the clippings. Double click on a clipping to load it, then go to your favorite application and paste. Or drag the clipping from Spike to your application. Collaboration has never been this easy!

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Spike r1 1.0